Monday, August 25, 2014

reconfigured the radio

Heard from our fantastic rural internet service provider, Bruce Street Technologies. Their new Ravenna fiber optic line was to be activated on Friday, assuming the circuit tests were positive. And that meant BST wanted to reconfigure their radio atop our roof. That would let us have more control over configuration and, in particular, port forwarding. Yeh. He gave me the new router WAN deets. He wanted to know if I was on the CAO grounds. Nope. At the Fest of Stars!

Yesterday I learned from Lora that Ian was on site. I asked if he could help me out.

I just walked Ian through the process. Then messaged Blair that we were done. Within moments, everything was done. Fully internet access on the grounds. And after Blair clarified the port numbers, I was able to access the cameras.

Easy peasy. I thanked Ian and Blair.


Once I adjust our dynamic domain, I'll let the team know.

This will also allow the MODL people to do their own monitoring.


The dynamic address was already updated! Yes. Meant the local applet was working.

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