Thursday, August 21, 2014

arrived Starfest 2014

Tony and I arrived at River Place Park.

Spotted Bonnie at the Starfest registration as I walked in. Hello! Received my registration package.

Saw Dave C once inside. He was hunting and pecking away at a laptop. Said hello! He smiled, shook my hand, and struggled to remember my name. I helped him out. Funny how the Universe turns.

Tony drove to their site. Greeted by Elaine. They were all set up: trailer hooked up to power, water, drainage. Dining tent near the telescopes: it would serve as Operations during our astronomy sessions... Another tent ready for his daughter and her husband. We left my tools inside the truck. He figuratively threw me the keys to the Jeep. Tony said I could camp near them. It was a wee bit crowded.

Spotted some familiar faces in the field. Recognised the road and the big tree. Not far from last year's spot. I walked down to greet Katrina, Cathy, and a volunteer. Hi, hi, hi!

Katrina welcomed me. She had scored a picnic table! Invited me to camp near her, invited me to use her kitchen under the pop-up. I accepted. It was a nice set-up.

I put up the old Pingo tent, metres from the same spot last year. Funny.

The tent was smelling a little moldy. Ugh. Made a note to research how to clean it. Aired it out. Moved in my gear. [ed: Had this from circa 1995. So it's 20 years old!]

Cathy said she had the lens cleaning supplies. OK. It sounded like she wanted to give them to me. Huh? I'm to clean as well?! I thought the eyepiece cleaning station was to be self-serve. I was suddenly nervous that she was expecting me to clean too!

Finally caught my breath.

I had arrived.

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