Thursday, August 21, 2014

received people

Katrina showed me her little log book. The Stargazing Journal Potter Style. I like her sketches. We talked about double stars, browsing constellations, Sue French's book and her articles. Told her about Astronomical Sketching, A Step-By-Step Introduction by Handy, Moody, Perez, Rix, and Robbins.

Caroline came by. Hello!

Said hello to Malcolm. He was happy to see me. I was ready to go!

Andy arrived. We invited him to set up beside us. He put his tent north of mine and telescope to the east.

Mr Dev wandered through, took my photo.

I asked Scott if it was OK to do some RASC business. Gave him paperwork including a MODL lease, locker rental agreements, description of the recent deposit, and two expense requisitions.

Had dinner with Katrina. I did the dishes afterwards in the little portable sink.

Mickey dropped by during dinner. Hi there.

Wayne wandered through. Hello! His first Starfest. And first camp in a long time. He brought me his LED dome lights, the whole kit. Wow, thanks!

I gave out the new business cards!

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