Saturday, August 16, 2014

studied HR 8281

Reviewed HR 8281, my recent notes from 8 Aug, reviewed my life list, and sent a note to Greg about the issues with the B star.

And tried, once and for all, to figure out what I might see. It seems the magnitudes of the component stars are:
  • A: 5.7
  • B: 13.3
  • C: 8.1 (WDS says 7.5)
  • D: 8.0 (WDS says 7.5)
  • E: 15.4 (WDS says 13.2)
So, in theory, I should be able to see the first four easily. I'll have another go at B sometime. Would need a very big gun to tag E...


Greg replied. Said he was going to fix the numerical error. Cool.


I added HR 8281 to my "view again" list. I need to tag B and E.

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