Thursday, August 28, 2014

star trails attempt (Sundridge)

Tried to do some star trails. Improve on my first attempt, many Moons ago...

All shot with the Canon 40D and kit zoom lens, 18-55mm, at 18, tripod-mounted. Daylight white balance. Manually focused. All f/4.0 and ISO 1600.

11:09 PM. 15 seconds. Cassiopeia is near top-centre; Perseus is bottom-centre.

11:10. 30 seconds. Too much tree.

11:15. 30 seconds. I panned a bit to the right. Less tree.

11:20. 120 seconds. Short trails emerging on the right; pivoting around the top-left.

11:24. 600 seconds. This is my favourite. My best career star trails shot. I also like the different star colours. And the ghost of the Milky Way.

11:39. 1200 seconds. Oops. Wanted to check the lens for dew... Should not have done that! Note the star trail shapes have a bit of a tear-drop or meteor streak appearance. This is because of the dew building and softening the image.

11:59. 1200 seconds again. Heavily dewed. Like Vaseline on the lens. Astronomy porn.

Didn't consider dew. Should have done Bill's trick, using an elastic band to hold a hand warmer in place... Or maybe I could make a long tube dew cap. Except I'd have to make it cone shaped, no doubt, for the wide angle...

Wrong ISO on these last two. Very high noise level as well.

Totally forgot to shoot darks!

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