Sunday, August 24, 2014

thank you all

I am grateful for all the support this weekend.
  • Tony for the transport to Starfest and the cheese
  • Phil for the transport from Starfest, the Hotech collimator, the collimation support, and the wifi hotspot
  • Darcy for the Starfest 2014 cap
  • Elaine and Tony for the telescopes to play with, use of the truck for storage and as a wagon
  • Katrina for the shelter, kitchen, real coffee, picnic table, recording the double star talk, and the photographs
  • Andy for the power and the coffee
  • Elaine for the banana bread and photographs
  • Lora for the tarts of butter!
  • Paul for the Glatter and cheshire collimators
  • Malcolm for logistics and moral support and sorting power
  • North York Astronomical Association for the opportunity to assist telescope owners
I don't know how to repay you all for the kindnesses extended me.

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