Saturday, August 02, 2014

helped out members

Offered my tripod leg red LED blinkies to Richard and Steve. Hopefully the Kick-Me-Nots would help members not bonk stuff.

From my stash, I offered silica desiccant packs for everyone. I put some in Wayne's eyepiece case, where I had seen some moisture building.

Tony, on the east edge of the Observing Pad, reported his Celestron CGEM mount was not powering up. I took a look. Ah. The screw-in power cord was damaged. Looks like the cord was yanked or pulled without unscrewing the plug.

I fixed the power cord on the spot with a quick solder job. Alfresco. Didn't look pretty but it worked. Advised he buy a new cord.

Nicole wondered how to power all her gear near the telescope when her marine battery had a limited number of CLA outlets. I said she needed a splitter. Rob realised what I was describing and headed to the vehicle. Now she was able to run the computer, camera, mount, and I don't know what else.

Wayne protested. His mount was acting up. The hand box slew buttons weren't working. Huh?

After a quick check I noted the lights on the hand controller flickering. Really! It looked like a bad power connector. Just like Katrina's issue, again, with a SynScan 'scope! I told Wayne what I had done to repair her 'scope. He said he'd try to find the connector I had used and could solder it up himself.

In the meantime, I suggested tethering the power cord to reduce movement. Later we found this did not help. It was still too sensitive to touch or motion.

Once the mount was working consistently, I helped Wayne find objects by RA and Dec.

Encouraged him to try his no-name 28mm eyepiece for some targets. It looked to me like an unbadged Pentax. I thought it offered decent views.

Conditions were not great, again. I suggested some double stars. But he was anxious to image. He's not a fan of doubles. So I recommended the Dumbbell.

I was very tired, my stomach was off a bit. I headed to bed early.

Curiously Sal was off. But others had encouraged him to stay and rest.

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