Friday, December 09, 2022

we made more lists

Despite lots of software issues and hiccups and bad programming barriers in our way, Chris V and I hammered away at making SkySafari observing lists for the RASC certificate programs.

I did the Deep-Sky Gems some time ago.

I asked Chris if he'd work on the Explore the Moon-Binoculars and -Telescope. He wrapped those up tonight. I verified them. They were great, actually! 

Explore the Moon - Binocular targets highlight in SkySafari

Sidebar: There are some naming convention issues... The smartest way to deal with them is to update the actual RASC ETM materials. But that's a whole different matter. {ed: I initiated that discussion with Mr Chapman.}

Meanwhile I worked on the Deep-Sky Challenge program. I jump-started that from the SkyTools that Melody and I had developed some time ago. It works in SS but there are some weird things, like in DSG, where SkySafari does not have a specific catalogue entry. So alternate nearby objects need to be used. And an addendum supplemental document is required.

Anyhoo, we're in pretty good shape! The Messier and Finest NGC (with one error to correct) are done, the Double Stars is done, and we've tackled all the others. Except for ETU...

Soon to all be hosted on the Simulation Curriculum online repository.

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