Monday, December 19, 2022

updated the L2C QRC

The recent Stellarium updates got me thinkin'...

Al, too. When we spoke recently, and when I said, "Bookmarks are back!", he wondered about how to address the matter in training.

The old Stellarium bookmarks feature we taught in the level 2 intermediate course until they broke. 

I recall in a trainers meeting we agreed to drop the topic. We hid the slide. We would not mention the feature (unless someone asked).

I was a little fuzzy on where and how we covered it. I double-checked the level 1 introductory materials. No mention of it anywhere.

Found in on the level 2 (computer) syllabus. In fact, the process of using a bookmark list was documented in the intermediate Quick Reference Card. It showed how to add a bookmark. We briefly discussed how to use existing bookmarks and how to highlight all in a list.

But the new way is Stellarium version 1.1 was quite different. So I started editing the L2C card. 

And it turned out to make for a big update! 

In the end, it was not possible to simply edit the existing content on the QRC; I needed to completely rewrite it. The improved "observing lists" feature demanded two topics! Import an Observing List and Use an Observing List. 

Also, while updating the QRC for 1.1 stuff, I revised the telescope-mount control "Slew" topic for the new Abort slew button in the Move window. 

Added telescope mount driver port information for Linux...

Misc. other clean-up and cosmetic changes. 


I updated the level 2/3 graduates in the Stellarium "classroom," suggesting they visit the Google shared folder drive. It should be obvious, the new PDF for the QRC.


It was good to get this sorted. Especially if we're not going to directly teach it in a course... It makes the QRC quite valuable.


This got me thinkin' again. Observing lists could be covered properly in an EPO course.

Maybe it's time to develop that course...

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