Wednesday, December 28, 2022

tried to upgrade BYE

Another dead-end.

Double dead-end?

Is that a thing?

While doing all my Backyard EOS prep, I had noted the versions... and the delta.

I have BYE 3.1.18 installed on John Repeat Dance. This is the old-as-dirt ASUS Eee PC 1000 netbook running Windows XP, 32-bit no less. Backyard works fine. Though it is a slow processor. It works and it has served me well and I'd like to continue using it as long as possible.

On the O'Telescope website/forums, I noted the latest "official" stable version of BYE was 3.2.2. And there's some chatter about Release Candidate 3.2.3. So I couldn't help but wonder if I should use the latest version.

Downloaded 3.2.2 without incident.

Ran the installer. And it was almost done when it threw an error. A bit of a weird error. 

install error during BYE 3.2 install

I found a thread on forums by Santiago regarding a similar issue.

The response?

Your computer is too old.

But also noted some forum threads on issues with the Canon drivers. 

I have a feeling I cannot use the new (relatively new) John Grim computer. This is a Surface Laptop Go with Windows 10, 64-bit. I think I'm hearing that the drivers for the DSLR camera body I have are old. Too old. And won't work on Win10-64.

Old computer. Old camera.

If all this is true then there's no upgrade path at all. No way ahead on the XP. And no way on the Surface, disappointingly.

In another post, a camera owner was told they should sell their 20D.

Would they say the same to me? Get rid of that clunker 40D.


After a bit of digging I found the release notes for the successor BYE versions. I examined these considering the impacts to my future (impending) training level 1 introductory course...


  • NEW FEATURE: Added DARK_FLAT option in imaging session plan.
  • CHANGE: Serial cable test button moved closer to cable support pulldown.
  • CHANGE: Mirror lock field in capture plan is now hidden. See advance setting to enable it.


Nothing notable.


  • NEW FEATURE: Support for EOS M50m2 (mirrorless)
  • BUG FIX: 4k DPI resolution.

3.2.3 RC3

Nothing notable.

So, that was a little bit of good news. I had been worried that my development under 3.1.18 was asking for trouble if there had been major changes in the software up to 3.2.2.

I think I'm OK. For the training framework.

But there is the issue, a personal one. Gotta keep the ASUS alive... If some new fantastic feature appears in a future BYE version, it will make for some difficult decisions.


Wait a minute...

Dug through the blog. I do believe on 23 April 2021 I installed 3.2.2 to the one of my computers. Sounds like it was John Gomez, the Windows 10 laptop, 64-bit machine. And that it all worked. 

Hmmm. Maybe I should have a look at that bad boy... tomorrow.

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