Saturday, December 10, 2022

considered an ETM update

Started collating things for possible updates to the RASC Explore the Moon materials.

With a lot of help from Dave C.

And a prompt Google Drive access request fulfilled by Phil G.

There are 2 things I'd like to change:

  1. the opening preamble clarifying the number of required and "extra" or "optional" targets in the telescope program
  2. add "English" references to mountains, walls, valleys, etc. to better align with SkySafari as it does not use the Latin references

{ed: Correction, 3 things. I also intend to incorporate the updates for the atlas page numbers provided by Paul C.}

This ain't gonna be trivial.

The following things would have to be updated:

  1. telescope program guide PDF on the website
  2. binoculars program guide PDF on the website
  3. telescope program guide - French edition
  4. binoculars program guide - French edition
  5. telescope workbook that we sell in the estore
  6. binoculars workbook that we sell in the estore
  7. the website as needed
  8. the Excel cross-reference file

The Google folder was a bit of mess but I sorted a few things out.

I have a lot of the source material. But some of the items are in specialised formats, like EPS. Extra steps will be required that.

And here's where I'm gonna get hooped:

I can't find some of the original files. The complete DOCX file for the published workbooks would be a huge help.

So this is gonna be a mountain of work...

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