Saturday, December 10, 2022

touched up toolkit

Had a note in my calendar to verify I had a 2mm Allen wrench in the telescope toolkit.

This was a thought from a few nights back when I had to collimate the C8.

I was thinking that is I wasn't at home, viewing near to all my repair tools, steps away from the joyful comforting convenience of observing near home base, and if I didn't have the right Allen key, I'd be scuppered.

So I checked for 2mm wrench.

Nothing in case ο (omicron), the soft-sided Orion carrying case for the Celestron 8-inch SCT... But I wasn't surprised. I only keep the finder scope in the outrigger side pocket. And I wouldn't want little tools rattlin' around inside the main compartment.

Grabbed the μ (mu) bag, the old grungy laptop bag for the Vixen Super Polaris mount. Just cables in the front pockets. Oh, and the still-need spanner for the hex heads of the tripod height-adjustment bolts. Keep that there. 

Checked the back sleeve pockets. Ah ha! Found a bunch tools in a zippered plastic bag. Allens for the tripod top bolts and the motor brackets. (Tightened.)

Brain wave. Added the new, recently-purchased, long-neck handled Allen from Klein, for securing the GoToStar RA motor drive to the Vixen. (When I get hop.)

But no 2mm. Oh oh. So went to the super-duper Allen toolbox with official kits and spares. Found an extra 2 millimetre driver. Test-fitted. Good. Dropped it in the bag.

Also tracked down a silica pack and sealed everything up.

Ruminated on where it should go. Would the C8 ever not be with the Vixen?! I didn't envision so. It then can stay in bag μ.

That there is peace of mind. Pay it forward. Contingency. Have tools, will travel.

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