Wednesday, December 21, 2022

received the renewal notice

A few days ago I received the Renewal Notice email from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Standard form letter email. Exactly the same as the one from 2021.


It's the time of year again.

Of course, I'll renew. 

But where? How?

This opens wounds not healed unfortunately.

No way I'll join my old centre. It's still a mess. They did nothing demonstrable to fix the things that drove me away. They did little to address the bad things that happened to other members. It is a broken centre. It's too painful, too uncomfortable, too political, too dark to return. I have to protect my mental and physical health.

It saddens me given the many wonderful friends I have there.

But I'm in a different geographic place now. 

I should have a good look at the London Centre... 

Or remain r┼Źnin.

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