Monday, December 26, 2022

round-up backup

With the write-up for the procedures for backing up data from Stellarium on Mom's Mac, I now have the three platforms documented. 

I'm quite happy about this.

the good ole days of data backup

So if you're trying to protect your data, customisations, and various preference settings for the software, I think I have notes you'll find useful. Choose your weapon:

  • Windows - Windows 10 with Stellarium 1.1
  • Linux - Ubuntu 22.04 LTS "snap" with Stellarium 1.1
  • Apple Mac - Mac OS X 10.13 with Stellarium 0.18.3

The Windows post also examines the effect of upgrading from an old to a new version.

It still is kinda astonishing to me that this is not something they document in the official User Guide. Or better still, that there's not a one-click button inside the app that did it all... Alas, we're on our own.

Now there's no excuse...


Added to the lumpy companion Stellarium page.

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