Friday, December 30, 2022

processed NGC 3079 in colour

Processed NGC 3079 in colour. A RASC Finest galaxy in Ursa Major.

This was captured back on 5 Feb '17.

Came out fair this time. No nasty gradients on the RGB frames. Visible gradient on the luminance but I cut the opacity and that helped a bit.

galaxy NGC 3079 in colour

FITS Liberator 4, Photoshop CS2.

The usual workflow steps but again I reduced the opacity of the luminance layer, as I had boosted it dramatically in FITS.

Did star shrinking. Photoshop crashed the first two times! Gar. Had to redo, remembering to save at key milestones.

Gaussian blur at the end to soften the pixels.

As I look at it now... I should have used GraXpert.

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