Wednesday, December 28, 2022

found BYE 3.2

Well. That was interesting.

Started up the old Dell, John Gomez, and found Backyard EOS 3.2 installed! Um, on a computer with a 64-bit OS!

Oh, oh yes, and ASCOM. (I use this machine for teach Stellarium including the level 2 intermediate course with the mount remote control topic.)

Uh huh. I had done this. I had used it before. And I had the upgraded version of BYE.

So, played around for a while. Took screen snaps. Noted the differences.

Got some homework to do...

But the thing that's confusing is that I thought for sure I read somewhere that this would not work on Windows 10 with an old camera and its old Canon drivers.

No issue for me!

Worked fine.

So I'll have to re-read those notes. Meh.

The good news, the reduced stress news, is that I have a good solution. I have a working late version of Backyard on a new (newish) computer. And that means I can lug around this beast of a laptop for imaging. More immediately, I can use this machine as the teaching platform.

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