Tuesday, December 27, 2022

trialed again

Ran another trial teach of the Backyard EOS course.

Came in about 2 hours again. Timed with the Stopwatch on my phone.

This time I used the new script, with emphasis on 2 focusing methods, after the significant re-write of the Quick Reference Card. No major issues. Happy. This script is in good shape!

I spoke to the slides from the new deck. Though I did not open up the show proper. Gotta figure out how to handle the camera type step after connecting. Have a standalone image maybe? Also in the slide pressie?

I tried to use a Y-mask on the camera lens. I made a crude one quickly with insulated wire taped to the kit lens shield. Couldn't see a clear pattern...

My various 'scope and camera masks are... somewhere. In a box. Out of sight, from the move.

I tried to use a mock star. Couldn't find my Christmas tree decorations so used a shiny spoon. And used my super-cool Aussie LED tester. Again, the Bahtinov mask pattern was not obvious in the software. The spoon had scratches with I think created a convoluted pattern. I also wondered if the light source was too close.

Regardless, I was able to get through the course material.

Battery died part-way. One of the new ones. Sheesh...

Everything seemed to work well. But at the end, the lens stopped moving. Huh. Not sure why. Restarted the app--no go. I did not reboot the camera.

Got more screen snaps. That was good. I needed a nice image for the web site.

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