Saturday, December 24, 2022

tried to find files

After the cheesy and spicy Christmas Eve dinner at Mom's, I retired to the upper living room, sipped a oaky rye whiskey, and tried to figure out stuff regarding Stellarium.

So to work in the living with the fam nearby and enjoy comfortable seating, I decided to remote-in. 

But needed some numbers.

So I hobbled to Mom's office and snapped a few photos with my smartphone. Now I had the external IP, the internal IP, and the creds for stoopid TeamViewer.

Then, for the next hour, I tried to find the super-secret location for the Stellarium user files...

I really wanted to track down these files so to finish my big project on how to back up your Stellarium data.

No luck...


Figured it out!

Learned the super-secret shortcut on the Mac to expose the hidden files.

That let me proceed and write up my backup notes.

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