Friday, December 30, 2022

found a bug

Noticed something odd in Backyard EOS the other day.

I think I found a bug...

My initial observation was on version 3.1.18 on John Repeat Dance.

But I just tried it now on John Kim Chi running version 3.2.2.

Still there.

When your apply a stretch to the image in Preview or Imaging mode to the photo in the Image Center and then transform the image, say using the flip or rotate buttons, the stretch gets re-applied. It accumulates. After a few clicks the image is blown out (assuming you boosted the shadows and highlights).

blown out image after stretch re-applied

Happily, you can quickly recover by clicking away to another image in the thumbnails and then clicking back on the original.

Reported this most recent datum point to the crew on the O'Telescope forums...

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