Thursday, December 22, 2022

submitted for the Bulletin

Submitted an article for the next RASC Bulletin.

From the Observing Committee.

The latest (and last for 2022) recipients of certificates for the visual observing programs.


If you're interested in the colophon...

I made an early draft in my Evernote.

Then I made a Google Doc.

I asked the communications and marketing contact at RASC if I might use this format going forwards. If they were OK with it, it would improve the workflow on my end. Improved access and visibility for my team on the Observing Committee.

No response. 

Radio silence.

Dead air.

Another unanswered email.



I converted to a Word DOCX file first using and then downloading to my local machine.

Chart images snapped from the screen from the Google Sheets master certificates database.

I actually showed the charts without the legend to keep them compact. 

Separately I grabbed the legend frame and superimposed it atop the chart. That's 'cause Google Sheets charting does not allow free-floating the legend. Meh.

Dropped the screen grabs into Windows Paint and saved as standalone PNGs.

Emailed all to RASC head office.


Done. In the can.

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