Saturday, December 24, 2022

heard he liked the DSC list

Heard from Chris V today.

He was up at the farm with his "useless" telescope. Crazy weather.

Chris completed his review of my SkySafari list for RASC Deep-Sky Challenge. He used the Plus and Pro version 6 without the PGC galaxy and GAIA Extension add-ons. He said the list looked great and appeared complete. All right!

It worked fine given some of the catalogue issues. He noted that I used the nearest object to Mrk 205 and Abell 2065.

He agreed that some additional nomenclature would help observers taking on the program. I had shown Chris my special notes via a shared Evernote page.

I think this means I can share out the .skylist on the RASC website along with my addendum.

I'll ready that soon...

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