Friday, August 01, 2014

must go

August will be a busy month. There's much to do. Much I want to do. Many things I must prepare for. I'm getting pulled a lot of different ways. Work, home, family, astronomy. Life. With a new opportunity thrown in for good measure. My first inclination was to stay close to home this weekend; for a few reasons I cannot.

Many are going to the E.C. Carr Astronomical Observatory for the long weekend. It is, again, for a number of members, a destination. A pleasant, peaceful spot out of the city. Steve is supervising. And the weather is looking fair.

Nicole is heading up with her family. She really wants me there, partly for the camaradrie, but also for some telescope "services." She's expecting her new Edge from Celestron soon and will be selling her current SCT. She's ask that I inspect it and clean it if necessary.

I expect Wayne to be around. I really want to help him with his polar alignment skills.

Ian D's Meade LX200 remains at the CAO. I need to pull the "motherboard" out of it. And maybe also the motor control circuit boards. All this in anticipation of replacing the tantalum capacitors throughout the system.

I anticipated some activity involving MODLs and lockers at the CAO. I could assist, tend to some of the paperwork, collect fees.

And, of course, if conditions permit, I can play. It is around the first quarter Moon. That said, I have not put much thought into an observing plan.

And there was also the awkward business. The matter of my personal effects. I had forgotten some... clothing. In one of the bedrooms, a room which would be required and used this weekend. Items I didn't want "discovered." By early arrivals. Or the designated guests. Embarrassing on a couple of levels. Steve offered to take care of it and he was due to arrive Friday afternoon. But it was in the back of my mind and I'd remain anxious until the items were back in my possession.

Finally, in an effort to off-load gear, I hatched a plan. I could transport Ian W's Dobsonian telescope (with accessories) to the Carr Astronomical Observatory site. It'd be out of Malcolm's living room and I wouldn't have to move it twice.

Fortunately for me, Elaine and Tony were going. Hadn't been for a while. They had a spot and were leaving Friday after work. They are due any minute...


Elaine texted me (to my mobile): forgot her laptop... Delayed their arrival a bit.

Loaded my gear in the Jeep; Ian's 'scope into the new trailer. Tony said I could drive—I didn't know at the time he was serious. Elaine offered the shotgun seat and settled in with Batman the puppy (on his third or fourth trip to the CAO).

The Simcoe Day long weekend had begun.

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