Friday, July 01, 2011

heading north

With no computer training requests in the first week of July (sometimes a slow period), three asteroid occultations due to fly over the Carr Astronomical Observatory, and Kiron between jobs, we decided to head north together for the week.

I am the scheduled supervisor at the CAO on the Canada Day weekend. Then, the weekend after, I'm scheduled to delivered the first (of two) astronomy talks at the Farmer's Pantry apple orchard, near the CAO. Why not stay over during the week? It was a no-brainer. Get lots of observing in! It should also afford an opportunity to meet face-to-face finally the owner of Bruce Street Technologies to review their wireless service.

Kiron was anxious to go and pressed for Thursday night. The skies had been very good. They even saw aurora! But I really need some down time after the Peterborough business trip. Needed some quality time with Nancy. An opportunity to get laundry done. The real reason was that I had not finished packing for the week away. So, we planned for an early Friday-morning departure. And that would hopefully avoid some of the "rush hour" crush too. Assuming none of the 2.5 million other GTA citizens had the same plan...

I put on my maple leaf hat and waiting for Kiron to arrive...

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