Tuesday, July 05, 2011

he hacked my 'scope

We returned to my Celestron 8" SCT atop Vixen Super Polaris mount, still in the south-east corner of the Geoff Brown Observatory. I rigged up my power tank batteries so to warm the dew heaters and run the tracking motor.

Kiron was still in inventing-mode from this afternoon. He was looking for a way to quickly aim my telescope, to get in the general area of a celestial object. But a little challenging without a Telrad or similar 1x device.

He was thinking along the lines of the unique finder he had successful made for his binoculars. He was considering a way of making a sighting tube for the C8.

He disappeared into the house for a time.

He just hacked my 'scope! He put a long copper tube parallel to the OTA. Brilliant. My very own jugaad! It worked great. Scathingly brilliant. So simple.

You have to look closely at the top of his binoculars in the photo above. You can just make out the "shortie" tube he has on it. Which he's cleverly clamped between the binos and the tripod mount. Can't see the copper crosshairs he fashioned, but it works good.

Why do all mad inventors have that same look?

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