Saturday, July 30, 2011

greased the battery

Having my electronic toolbox on hand meant I had dielectric grease. Gooped up the battery terminals on the Stargrazer mower.

It gave me an opportunity to use some of the recently donated tools. Very handy. Thank you.

And Tim and I had a good chat about the mower's motor losing oil. It seems to be a combination of multi-grade synthetic oil, being overfilled, and that the filler tube is separated slightly from the motor base.

Tim also critiqued my plan to add a drain hose to the motor. I didn't realise the steering rod was that side of the motor and so close. His suggestion of a curved, cupped-shaped channel is a very good solution. Once we've cleaned up this area of the motor, and perhaps re-routed some wiring, we'll know where we stand.

Gotta keep Stargrazer going!

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