Tuesday, July 05, 2011

lazy day

Slept in. Very tired from all these late nights!

While the farmer returned to the field to roll up the hay and as Kiron worked on a red film screen frame for the Dell laptop, I tackled miscellaneous activities.

Sent the CAO back door vestibule carpet measurements to Grace.

I did more testing on the 120-12 adapter. Plugged it in. Like the night before, I saw that the red LED did not illuminate. Put the multimeter in the CLA sockets. Nothing. I cut the cord near the transformer and took another reading with the voltmeter. Nothing. Dead. We must have overloaded it. I noted the 2 ampere rating on the case. Checked again but did not see any screws on the casing. Funny. I forgot the model name this adapter: Mosquito.

Put out the word on the RASC listserv. Asked people for recommendations on a 12 volt power supply. I said I wanted something when near mains. That I didn't feel like rewinding the transformer. That I was considering moving up to a proper, regulated supply. Didn't need gauges. Wondered if I should get something in the 5 or 10 amps range, perhaps.

I wanted to sort out the S-video / MallinCam issue. I brought the MCHC in from the observatory. I needed a known good S-video cable. I grabbed the one from the living room DVD player. Checked the upstairs television. Could have swore that it had a S-video input. Connected the MallinCam to the AVerMedia card in the laptop. It worked right away! Good. This seemed to confirm that we had a bad cable in the GBO. But then, when I wiggled the connector, it cut out. Oh. Oh, so maybe there's a combo of problems... Certainly the S-video connector port on the camera is in rough shape. In the meantime, it looks like a new-ish cable seats better.

I phoned Bruce Street Technologies to set up a meeting. I was hoping to review their fees and our special requirements.

I looked for GFCI kits. Also checked and measured our supply of 12 gauge wire. And I measured the distance between the MODL junction posts to the GBO. All for Tony. Sent him the numbers.

I sourced The Source in Meaford. Called to determine if they had the A/V cable I needed... They did! Amazing! That meant I could possibly record the remaining two asteroid occultations...

Kiron finished the frame for the red film for the Dell laptop. He made it very convenient with Velcro pads. I would have to let the CAO supervisors know.

Watered Tony's trees. Noticed the water was a little murky...

The farmer stopped rather close to the BAO deck. I took some photos of the tractor.

I counted the available ports on the switch in the GBO (6) and reported to Tony.

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