Sunday, July 31, 2011

lock down begins

Came upstairs to the kitchen at 9:00 AM, ready for my yummy coffee, and spotted Mickey's son watching YouTube videos of Alex's various projects. Crikey. No streaming! I asked Mickey to ask Peter to stop. Mickey told me to tell him. Ah, no. Your job, dad.

Dietmar and I had also noticed that someone had changed the monitor resolution to a very low setting with huge font sizes. And not put it back. Hello! In kindergarten. You were taught the rules. Put the toys back when you're done. Come on...

Well, that's it then. I shall have to begin locking stuff down. People are clearly refusing to observe our guidelines for shared computer and internet use.

I inspected the DI-704 web interface and manual for access control settings. Sadly, it looked very limited. I could only control port numbers... Not enough control. Maybe a newer router will let us do this. We'll need a new router sooner or later, for gigabit support.

1:30 PM. I reconfigured the Kali machine. I created a limited account in Windows for guests. I converted the current unlimited profile to a formal administrative account with strong password. I changed the Hosts file to block YouTube. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Don't touch my coffee. Don't screw with the shared computer. Don't download huge stuff.

I made more signs...

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