Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sun and Jupiter (Blue Mountains)

Kiron set out to find Jupiter with his binos. In a bright blue sky.

I coached him on how to use a compass, taking into account magnetic declination, and astronomy software, periodically reading the current alt-az coordinates.
naked eye;
Celestron 14-inch SCT and Tele Vue 101 refractor on Paramount ME by Go To
Meanwhile the rest of us enjoyed the Sun in the TV101 in Hα, full spectrum in the C14, and the PSTs in Hα and Ca-K. Sunspot 1243 was almost in the centre and 1243 off to the side. 1242 seemed to have diminished.

Intrigued, I put the C14 on Jupiter. With the 55mm it was easy to see, very obvious, with a large disk. I tried to see it in the MallinCam. Steve tried to focus but we couldn't see anything. He offered to centre align the TV and while I was holding the MCHC and staring at the C14 ocular holder, it occurred to me to put the MallinCam in the big 'scope. We were able to focus on it. It was big in the frame!

Kiron found the gas giant, after a lot of effort and time! He was pretty happy.


I spotted prisms in the cirrus clouds. Some ice crystals up there. The appearance was better with my sunglasses on...

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