Friday, July 08, 2011

busy bees

Kiron and I began a big clean up of the CAO.

It wasn't that the place was dirty, per se. But we had stacked and piled our junk on every conceivable flat surface. And, with guests coming, I wanted the place to be ship-shape. Better than bad; good. White-glove testable. Cleaner than Millie would clean! We did good.

I had to ask Kiron to move to accommodate a couple. He graciously shifted to Cygnus. He took the small bed though. Dude!

I picked some wildflowers and put them in Lyra. It's the little things...

Jean just arrived a little after noon and promptly started downloading software, including iTunes and Stellarium.


SciDomer said...

Does she know the deal?

bla said...