Saturday, July 09, 2011

no go for orchard

The skies were not looking good for the Farmer's Pantry astronomy event...

Earlier, I had asked Kiron if he wanted to help. He was game. I suggested we could fly two telescopes so we added the CAO Celestron refractor to my SCT gear. After dinner we headed over to the orchard.

The place was closed up! No signs of activity. No lights. I didn't even see a screen ready in the presentation centre. Gillian arrived some time later. We chatted for a while.

I suggested that we'd cancel the whole event if no one showed up. I didn't think people would make the trip given the sky conditions. By 8:30, still no one had dropped in. We waited a bit longer.

A family showed up! That is a father with his two young children plus an exchange student from the UK. Argh. They had come with high hopes of looking through the telescopes. We let them down gently. Gave everyone a RASC Starfinder and some astronomy "baseball" cards. The little ones tore off, more interested in the farm animals.

The father, a local farmer, knew the area. I gave him some directions and our telephone number and told him to feel free to call the observatory on a clear weekend evening.

We bid everyone a pleasant evening, confirmed August 27, the next attempt at the apple orchard, and departed.

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