Tuesday, July 05, 2011

day time ISS recording (Blue Mountains)

Viewed and recorded the International Space Station day time pass! In a bright, blue sky. Woo hoo!

Flyover details:

- started at 7:36:18, 10°, WNW
- reached max alt. at 7:39:31, 72°, SW
- ended at 7:42:43, 10°, SE

The incredible Paramount ME computer-controlled mount was able to track it. I programmed it to pick up the trail just after the meridian.

We had the 27mm Tele Vue Panoptic eyepiece in the Celestron 14" yielding 145 power. Fantastic. We could see the four solar panel arrays, the "backbone" truss of the ISS, with elements and structural pieces, and the central living compartments, the main modules.

I successfully recorded a video with the MallinCam. But it's small and slightly out of focus.

It's possible! As proof-of-concept, I was very happy. Sent a note to the Yahoo!Group.

I was excited to try again tomorrow. With the intention of video recording through the big 'scope!

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