Tuesday, July 05, 2011

C14 finder scope

While we don't use it much, I wanted to learn a bit more about the finder scope attached to the RASC Toronto Centre's Celestron 14" SCT.

4:55 PM. I tried to get some data on the finder. I had to look at the tube and around it to find some markings. In fact, I had to loosen the bracket a bit. It's a University Optics tube. It's marked 11x and 80mm.

Googled for more info. Purportedly, they came with a Amici prism to optically correct the view. Our diagonal is not marked in any way but I can tell there's a prism in it as opposed to a mirror.

Also the eyepiece is interchangeable. Ours is not marked so who knows what it is... So, why would the OTA itself be marked 11x?! If you can change the ocular? Doesn't make sense. Perhaps it is the stock 25mm UO ortho eyepiece...

One of my intentions is to know the true field of view but without any other details I cannot calculate it. I'll have to measure the field directly...

9:13 PM. Using the Moon, I confirmed that the UO finder presents a corrected view. Good to know.

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