Sunday, July 31, 2011

short session (Blue Mountains)

9:15 PM. We viewed Saturn from the Geoff Brown Observatory. With the 18mm eyepiece in the C14. It was lovely.

9:38. Earlier in the day I had returned Phil's 2" mirror. And then shifted back to 1¼" tubes for the Tele Vue 101 'scope.

Gave Millie the 50mm to try in her telescope. She said it wouldn't come to focus. Loaned her a 1¼" ocular but she didn't like switching back and forth. Didn't like anything we had.

Chaos ensues when we forget our eyepieces!

9:42. Viewed Saturn with Kiron at the C14. We found it easy to see Titan and Rhea.

9:50. I viewed H N 40 aka HD 164492. Faint, medium separation double star in Sagittarius. Main star is white, maybe blue-white. Companion is orange. Nearly equal brightness. 55mm. Haas says there are 4 stars to view. SkyTools3 says it's a septuple system! Wow. Spotted a super faint star left of the brighter one. Much closer, say 1/3rd the distance. Almost the same line... Will need to revisit this to get more stars. And also to view at low power, so to see the surrounding nebula, Messier 20 or M20...

11:37. We were clouded out. Of course. Steve had arrived!

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