Friday, July 29, 2011

radios to Chows

Lora and Phil asked if I could give some advice on portable radios. I guess now that Phil has a dome at the most southern edge of the CAO property and that he'll be geeking out there from dinner to dawn, their looking for a way to chat between T@B and POD.

I know a bit about FRS and GRMS radios so I shared some quick thoughts. But hatched a plan.

Before heading up to the work party last weekend, I gave Tony my radio "fleet:" the carrying case with 3 FRS and 2 GRMS units, all from Motorola. I made sure all the other bits and bobs were included, the ear bud, the head sets, the belt holders, etc. But they were so busy at the work party they forgot to take 'em out and try 'em. Sheesh. Then they forgot and left them there for the week. Not easy to get familiar and test radios when they're all 200 km away...

When Lora and Phil arrived at the CAO this weekend, I gave them a pair of FRS handhelds, coached 'em, and encouraged them to use 'em over the weekend. I'm assuming they'll have no trouble. And at that stage, I'll suggest them keep them. I don't use the whole fleet much anymore.

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