Friday, July 01, 2011

doing what I was told to do

Immediately upon arriving the E.C. Carr Astronomical Observatory, I made a big pot of coffee. Mmm. Let the relaxing begin! Perfect weather. Perfect for Happy Canada Day!

From under the CAO pergola, with an OK wifi signal, I pinged Malcolm back in the city. He had offered to keep an eye on Nancy.

Kiron and I caught up with the RASC members already on site. Jean, Cassie, Sharmin, Lora, Phil, and Skeena. Belly rubs for The Princess! Katrina arrived some time later with her camper van and Dobsonian.

I was very happy to see my Dutchman's Pipe vines doing well. Lora and Phil pointed out that the south-west plant had reached (re-reached) the top! w00t!

Butterflies took great interest in me. Salty and sweet.

So. The reason I needed to be at the CAO this weekend was to supervise. I was the designated CAO supervisor. So, I made it clear, that's was I was going to do. "I'm supervising," I explained. I had to supervise the work that had to be done. Oversee. Monitor. Assess.

Needed to enforce all safety procedures and protocols. Ensure all digits were accounted for.

Oh darn. Forgot my steel toe boots and work belt. Darn. Can't do any work. Sorry! Thanks for pitching in.

No one seemed to care it was an official holiday.

No one also seemed too interested in my suggestion to honour mid-day siestas. Shouldn't work in the Sun when it's so hot.

Oops. Forgot my hammock. Actually, if I had considered it, it would have been a challenge to fit it in the car.


In all seriousness, this patio stone cutting task represented the last bit of work to make the MODL lots ready to receive the SkyShed POD domes... due in a fortnight.

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