Wednesday, January 20, 2021

worked backstage

Helped sorta, at the RASC Toronto Centre Speaker's Night. I was the designated questioner but when it came my time to relay queries from the YouTube chat to quest professor Bozorgnia, they couldn't get my audio. Sheesh.

old microphone

Turns out the audio problem was at my end. Something in the audio subsystem of my computer failed. That was  disappointing. I had rebooted in the afternoon to freshen the Windows 10 on John Max. I had killed all unnecessary apps. I had chatted early in the Zoom backstage without issue. I had shared by camera in Zoom, then with OBS Ninja, without difficult. But, for some unknown reason, the audio, using the mic in the same TANDBERG camera, failed. After it all, when I crawled under the desk, disconnected and reconnected the camera-mic, it started working...

Fortunately, Dr Elaina Hyde stepped up. I was able to continue relaying questions, now to Hyde. It all worked out in the end but I was irked.

A fascinating talk on Dark Matter. And we had a good turnout with over 80 viewers on the livestream.

The raw recording is on YouTube.

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