Wednesday, January 20, 2021

made a new plan

Made a new plan with various software tools...

After examining the first experimental images for the Rosette mosaic, I realised I need to redo the plan.

The SBIG camera sensor, in full frame mode, is not square. I had forgotten that assuming I would have equal vertical and horizontal measures like the Apogee camera, also attached to the BGO rig.

And when I see the pointing error of about 10%, I decided to up the overlap to 15.

I had also been thinking that three horizontal frames just wasn't enough.

It's a lot more work but I rejigged the whole plan: 4 horizontal and 5 vertical.

That all required either finding a new target centring star or using the current. I decided to stick with HIP 31130 and simply offset +/- 50% in RA from that.

Tried SkyTools 3 Pro but for some reason it failed. I was able to add the new camera to the telescope profile and it showed it as an option but it just would not select it and redraw the screen.

Things worked fine in SkyTools 4 Imaging.

new mosaic layout for Rosette Nebula

Pulled a full chart image and then camera FOV rectangle only into a PowerPoint file to plan out the mosaic.

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