Saturday, January 30, 2021

predicted the weather

Checked the all weather tools. My portal page was showing good conditions, across the board. So I might try for Sirius and maybe get some archival data for the OSC event.

The Clear Sky Chart showed little cloud, medium transparency, and good seeing. Moon rising around 9:00 PM. Humidity around 80 to 85%, yowch!

CSC chart for Saturday night

Clear Outside was similar with some cloud in the early evening. 9 and 10 PM looked good. Dew point around -15°C. Holy Universe: cold -20°C with wind chill. 

Environment Canada, for New Tecumseth, said, the pressure was at 102.8 kPa and falling. Calculated dew point would be -10.6°C and the low was to go well below that. Humidity currently 69%. Also, the Jet Stream is far south! 

Good to Stargaze said to go ahead, with some cloud all the way through the evening. Seeing around 2.5". 

Astrospheric showed the trough of clear skies for the region. Average seeing, average transparency, with the air temp closely following dew. 10 and 11 PM look best.

Viewed the Aviation Weather Centre satellite videos. Stuff in the west. I visually tagged clouds low in the NW and closer clouds in the SW. Thin wispy stuff to the south....

Overall, seemed fair. We'll wait and see, do a visual check after sunset. Staged things. Went into red light mode.

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