Saturday, January 30, 2021

imaged Castor while waiting (Bradford)

Imaged Castor with my rig (from the "Warm Room," i.e. my office). Thought I was on Pollux at first, that's what I selected for an alignment star. Oooh, that's my mount polar report was so bad... Oopsie.

double star Castor in colour

Celestron 8, Vixen Super Polaris-IDEA GoToStar, William Optics external focuser, manually focused, Canon 40D (unmodified), Tele Vue PowerMate 2x, Canon EOS Utility, IOGEAR USB-ethernet extension, 5 seconds, ISO 1600, RAW, daylight white balance. Minor adjustments in Canon Digital Photo Professional 4.

North to top-left; east to bottom-left.

screen snapshot from SkyTools

SkyTools 3 Pro, Context Viewer.

Good correspondence.

Can easily see the C (aka YY Gem) and D companions of Castor. C is below. That's south-south-east. D is right of C, making a right-angle with AB and C. So that's south-west.

A and B are merged. Hmm. Looks like the B star is moving!

The GSC 02457-0927 star is just visible. ST3P says it is magnitude 11.2 (poor quality).

Ooo. GSC 02457-0530 is visible near top-centre. That's mag 11.6 (poor quality).

Castor: aka α (alpha) Gem, 66 Gem, Σ1110 (Struve, STF), HR 2891, HD 60179, SAO 60198, PPM 72938, and HIP 36850.

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