Tuesday, January 19, 2021

downloaded February Journal

I downloaded the February 2021 Journal published by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

cover for the February 2021 Journal
There are articles on the Order of Canada awards, the impact of lighting on plants and animals, and a retrospective on the Montréal Centre. I was fascinated by the old photos including Geoff Gaherty.

Lots of fantastic astroimages from Canadian photographers.

My Binary Universe column is entitled “He Who Controls the Spice Controls the Universe.” I review the Cosmographia application version 4.0 on a Windows computer. The SPICE-enabled 64-bit application is also available for Mac OS and Linux. I was pleased by the realistic views but was unable to get SPICE data from NASA or ESA added. Maybe someone else has accomplished this...


I understand the Journal is now available to the public. Enjoy!

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