Saturday, January 30, 2021

shot the setup

Remembered to image the setup in the flip dark winter chill.

telescope-camera setup for Sirius

Motorola e6, f/2, 1/15th second, 4mm, ISO 1184.

Vixen Super Polaris on wood tripod with integrated polar scope. 3D printed caps! Three counter-weights.

IDEA GoToStar motor drive system and hand controller. Powered by AC adapter. NOMA GFCI power bar. Data cable at the ready—not used. Custom HC extension cable at the ready—not used. Not in frame, the heavy-duty extension cord.

Celestron 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain with Celestron dew cap and William Optics external focuser. Orion finder scope.

Kendrick dew strap, Kendrick type IV controller, marine Sealed Lead Acid battery.

Canon 40D, powered by AC adapter, connected to NOMA. Boosted with Tele Vue 2-times PowerMate. USB data control cable connected to IOGEAR USB-ethernet powered extension dongle. AC adapter for the dongle.

BigDOC astronomy observing chair in background. Rhonda's wooden bench for a shelf.

TV table with carry-all bin with bits and bobs. In the carrier were my eyeglasses, plastic bags for the camera, various lens caps, etc.

Two CTC tarpaulins (one shown), and craft paper bag, cut, for keeping snow off stuff.

A great deal of stuff was brought out early in the evening but slowly migrated back through the airlock...

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