Sunday, January 10, 2021

continued case design

OK. I think I have a potential good case. I put aside research on case building and joinery using plywood using hand tools...

It did work, as I expected. Doing a detailed model in 3D let me play with the spaces in three dimensions and "look" for voids to put bits and pieces. I tried an approach where the mount is stored in a "folded" configuration, not inline. Immediately, it suggests a smaller, tighter space. The counter-weight shaft surprisingly put a significant demand on the overall form factor.

It looks fairly compact, in terms of volume. A little wider than I wanted but it works.

Continue the measured approach, in old 123D, working on the declination bits today. Deliberately put the counter-weights low, and at opposite corners, for weight distribution and balance.

mount case layout with voids

Looked up, from my packing list, all the bits I need to cargo about...

Now I have to figure out how to "load" it.

From 123D, the total volume is 448 800 mm2.

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