Sunday, January 10, 2021

another vertical stack

I like this more.

Another "folded" design. Almost the same volume as the previous... 460 000.

Both counter-weights at the bottom and in the same orientation. Maybe that's silly. But I do think from a usability perspective, it will be better. Load the counter-weights first, either way, doesn't matter.

another mount layout with voids shown

I think the balance will be OK.

I was thinking about this with the previous design: inserts, miniature boxes, designated for specific bits. Light-weight cardboard boxes maybe? So insert the mini-box overtop the weights.

I see pre-fab, integrated compartments for the shaft and HD. Slide 'em in.

At the bottom of the box, a wedge to support the mount at the bottom. A U-shape cradle will be opposite to support the RA housing. I rather like this, for taking the weight of the mount, but with a non-moving part.

No strange gymnastics to insert the mount into the case...

Lots of space atop the mount for bits and bobs.

Reminds me of the Questar 3½ vertical case...

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