Monday, June 29, 2020

tried Stellarium 0.20.2

Downloaded and installed Stellarium 0.20.2, the latest version, 64-bit, to the Windows laptop.

255 MB. It's not a small app anymore.

I like the camera sensor option in oculars. In particular, I like that you can see the sky surrounding the rectangle. They still mask the sky when using an ocular proper. Never liked that. The icons in the toolbar were refreshed. More consistent with the rest of the interface controls.

Had to change the celestial object information. Sometimes there's enough rows so to fill the display vertically. That's too much. Quickly set to "short" which shows but two lines. I'll need to spend some time customising 'cause something in between is practical.

Searching is enhanced. I like the Lists tab.

Sounds like they updated the user manual. Wow.

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