Tuesday, June 16, 2020

made dew strap cover

Made the fabric cover for the dew strap. Felt I was getting down to the wire ahead of the RASC TC members night talk... I wanted to have this buttoned up, having finished the heater proper last July.

inside-out fabric cover sewn, mmm coffee

I made the cover from the interesting red material Rhonda gave me and with one of her (repaired) sewing machines.

new cover right-side out

Flipped the cover right-side out. That went easier than I thought, thanks to a pencil. The white twist tie, by the way, is in place as a means of securing the strap to eyepiece or camera lens, an alternate means than an elastic band.

foil reflector added to heater

I remembered at the last second to install some foil, shiny side inward, to redirect some of the heat energy toward the ocular or lens.

I made it the cover a tad small and found it quite tight but after a couple of goes, and clearing a snag, I got the sheath over the entire assembly.

dew strap with fabric cover installed

Done! Woo hoo! Well, all but done. The very last thing I need to do is sew up the opening, by hand. As I do that, I'll pick up the wire jacket, so to secure and stabilise the whole strap.

Really happy with the way this looks and feels.

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