Tuesday, June 16, 2020

no fuzzies, stumbled on NGC 6520 (Bradford)

Quick report: will be replaced with detailed log entry later...

Redid the drift alignment. Repeated the steps for extra precision. Then restarted the mount for a fresh two star alignment. Things seemed better with the GoToStar, the target in the finder scope closer to centre. Still, not perfect pointing.

Rhonda joined me for the evening show. No fuzzies allowed. We tried a few suggestions from Sissy Haas, enjoying the colours.

open cluster NGC 6520 from the backyard

Then I readied for NGC 6520. Unbelievably, I got it! Yes! Not perfect but still, some decent frames. Wow. Wow!

Switched back to visual for a few more doubles, a return to Pallas, and a quick trip to glorious Saturn!

Now that was a good night!


Rather than adding to this, I posted new articles. And separate ones, given the different objectives. See below...

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