Thursday, June 18, 2020

received dew heater questions

Received an email from Chris regarding my custom dew strap presentation from last night.
[Fantastic] presentation, Blake!  Thanks!  Did you solder the power cable to the nichrome wire, or use a hardware termination? (screws, crimps, etc.)  And I guess you could use a controller to dial down your max output wattage.  I'm inspired!
Wow, that was awesome. I am glad someone got something from it. I replied to his questions after thanking him for watching.

I said that I had forgotten to mention how the connnections were made inside the heating element. It is visible in the pictures. I made a mechanical connection between the power leads and the nichrome wire as it is hard to solder. I used tiny bolts and nuts.

I also noted my assumption that a dew strap is meant to be driven from a controller. I had not explicitly said it in the maths topic but the power output target you're after is the maximum. And then a controller will throttle that down.

On closing I urged Chris to take apart the toaster!

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