Saturday, June 20, 2020

don't like a bunch of things

There are a lot of things I do not like about the new blogger editor interface.

The Labels section, the checklist. Very awkward to use now. You cannot do typing or type-ahead. You have to scroll up and down. The sorted list is also sensitive to case. Yuk.

It's clear they are trying to make the interface more responsive and I like that I can run it in the browser in a very narrow space but the toolbar they've configured is huge, with over twenty buttons. When squished into a narrow space, the toolbar becomes very awkward to use.

Even in landscape on a real computer maximised, the Quoted Text button is in the more dots ellipse menu. Bleech.

They continue to use, third place in the toolbar, the underline format button. Why? That's so 1990s. Sheesh.

It'd be awesome if a user could create a custom toolbar.

That said, they added an Insert Table button. Hello 21st century. Now some might say you shouldn't be using tables but that pertains to layout matters and in that sense I agree. But tables as grids to show linear or tabular data... Sorely needed.

It's not necessarily bad but the Insert Hyperlink is very different and the way I use it, the new interface is making for more clicks and steps.

The Insert Image is different too and I'm slowly getting used to. The good news is that it supports drag-and-drop! Hello 21st century.

The HTML View is different. Again, not necessarily bad. It looks like they're being more aggressive at compressing code, getting rid of whitespace. That's a good thing. But it makes visually scanning much harder. There's a Search, with regex no less. But it is not super-duper.

The list, where posts are shown? It's terrible!

Bigger font. Is that for the bifocal crowd?

With space reserved for a thumbnail of an embedded image, each row is very tall. Now you can only see a fraction of the rows.

There's no listing of the first few labels or tags you have used. They show one then "more." The old interface would show every tag.

When you post, you are dropped back in the list. Fine. But the new post shows as "draft." As soon as I saw that, I knew it was an error. The list hadn't updated or refreshed. That will be disconcerting or confusing for less savvy users.

And as far as I can tell, no dark mode! Now that's just stupid.


Ugh. The ability to add a table is welcome. But the table editing controls are very poor.

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