Friday, June 26, 2020

at it's peak

Received a neat message from Andy, variable star expert. 
I just ran a light curve at and it looks like VX Sgr is right at its peak.  I don’t think many apps do live tracking of variable star brightness, it may be running with ancient data or they might not even bother.  Good catch, though.
I asked if this was nominal, the high brightness, or a blip. Shared my 16 Jun '20 image.


I was using SkyTools 3 Pro through all this. Maybe I'll have a look in ST4V...


Launched the new version of SkyTools Visual. Centred on VX Sgr. It shows a medium bright star. But in my photo, the variable is brighter than nearby HD 165689 (8.1). I'd argue it is a brighter by a hair than V4382 Sgr (8.0). It's definitely brighter than HD 165594 (8.0).


Ha. Learned that HD 165689 is a double. It's sort of obvious now, looking at the image. The C star is to the north-east, well away. A is white; C is pale blue.

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