Friday, June 12, 2020

custom cover installed

Installed my custom Dec motor cover, the 3D print by Ward. Nearly perfect fit. Had to trim a bit for the upper bracket and for one of the registered jacks but it is very nice. Now the motor is physically protected and shielded from stray light!

Vixen Super Polaris side

Side of mount. From this vantage, you can see all three 3D parts: the new Declination motor cover, in black, at the top; just the edge of the white polar axis port cap; and the new polar scope cap at the bottom-right.
Vixen Super Polaris front

Skyward side of polar axis. This offers a better view of the polar axis port cap. That was the very first three-dimensional object I ever printed. Also, you can see the underside of the Dec cover, with the printing, and the blister. That was printed on 20 Apr '20.

Vixen Super Polaris back

Back end of polar axis. Finally the polar scope is protected. That cap was printed on 13 Apr '20 from a Thingiverse file. And another angle of the Dec motor box.

It's so weird that only today does the mount have all the covers (motor aside) that the original Vixen Super Polaris came with. I didn't know when I bought the Celestron SP-C8 in December 1990 (on consignment) that the polar scope parts were missing. It is whole at last.

Wow... 30 years...

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